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Nails Inc ‘Tate’


Brand new Official video for our single “Swimwear”!  Check it out x

Hey Hello - album available on iTunes.
Give your ear holes a treat and get some happy in your soul! :-)

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Orly ‘Ancient Jade’
Color Club ‘London’s Calling’
China Glaze ‘Something Sweet’
Previous manicure with various other polishes layered over.
From thumb to pinky ….
- Orly ‘Fowl Play’- Nubar ‘Iris Dust’- Nubar ‘Treasure’- Orly ‘Out of this World’- Orly ‘Ingenue’
Art Deco ‘51’
Color Club ‘Mod in Manhattan’
Models Own ‘Lemon Meringue’.
OPI ‘I don’t give a Rotterdam’.
This is 2 coats of Rimmel 60seconds ‘Princess Pink’ with 1 coat of Orly 'Prisma Gloss Gold' inbetween.  
It gives it a little ‘something extra’, I think.
Nina x
Index & middle - Loreal ‘Confettis’. ( 5mls for £4.99 )
Ring & pinky - Maybelline Polka Dots ‘Chalk Dust’. ( 7mls for £2.99 )
There is 1 coat on each nail. (The Loreal is trickier to apply, the glitter is less dense)
I know which one I prefer!  :-)
Nina x
OPI ‘I’ve got a herring problem’
BarryM ‘Sequin Nail Effect - White’
I’m sorry to say it, but I really don’t like this polish.
It has ‘texture’ as well as glitter which makes it a real pain to apply. 
Once on, it was an unattractive ‘not quite matte’ finish, so I added a mattifying top coat but even this didn’t improve it much.
 So, it’s a thumbs down from me but who’s to say you won’t like it?( Needless to say, it’s coming straight off.)
  Nina x
Yesterdays manicure,  mattified.